Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Legitimate And Peaceful Request For Cheddar Cheese And Pineapple On A Stick.

Unionists Criticize Peace Process Revelations:

East Derry MP Gregory Campbell said his DUP colleagues questioned Mr Blair’s word, and always placed proper emphasis on actions not words.” Said Mr. Campbell: “We never accepted words because we knew how easily they had been ditched in the past. Indeed, that is why we ensured upfront delivery by the [British] government and Sinn Féin before we entered government. Tony Blair’s handwritten pledges are a textbook example of his approach to the truth as they were put up in lights before the 1998 election and dumped immediately afterwards.”

William Ulsterman agrees: "I shall judge whether it is nice to meet you, Mrs. Binfield, by your actions, not your empty words."


Blogger Johnny Guitar said...

Speaking as someone who once witnessed a man complain about the sale of "republican drinks" in a county Derry bar this is practically a documentary.

11:59 PM  

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