Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who's To Blame For Pakistan's Agonies? 'Hindu Zionists and American Think-Tanks.'

Ahmed Rashid on Pakistan at the abyss: For a state whose economy is on the skids and dependent on the IMF for massive bailouts, whose elite refuse to pay taxes, whose army drains an estimated 20 percent of the country’s annual budget, Pakistan continues to insist that peace with India is impossible for decades to come. For a country that was founded as a modern democracy for Muslims and non-Muslims alike and claims to be the bastion of moderate Islam, it has the worst discriminatory laws against minorities in the Muslim world and is being ripped apart through sectarian and extremist violence by radical groups who want to establish a new Islamic emirate in South Asia.

And whose fault is this? Hindu Zionists. Plus certain unnamed and shadowy American thinktanks, as Sabrina Tavernise reported a few months ago, here, in her survey of a familiar idiocy: The problem is more than a peculiar domestic phenomenon for Pakistan. It has grown into a narrative of national victimhood that is a nearly impenetrable barrier to any candid discussion of the problems here. In turn, it is one of the principal obstacles for the United States in its effort to build a stronger alliance with a country to which it gives more than a billion dollars a year in aid.

Crippling stupidity of the urbane western pseudo-left variety here.

This is where it all leads: The Pakistani Taliban called the presence of foreign relief workers in this flood-ravaged country “unacceptable” on Thursday and obliquely suggested that militants could carry out attacks against members of aid groups, according to news reports.

In other words, another huge front just opened up in the war on humanitarianism. The quaintly-described "war in Afghanistan" is now approaching a crescendo of barbarism, and if "the west" is to be blamed at all, it is to be blamed for its half-baked commitment to democracy, the delusions and moral cowardice of its own bourgeois elites, and its myopia in allowing "our national security interests" to be cast against the fundamental, democratic rights of the people of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Don't blame the people.


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