Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Lord Swinton knows perfectly well what he is doing."

Julian Assange Is A War Criminal.

The documents Assange made public exposed the identities of at least 100 Afghans who were informing on the Taliban -- in some cases including the names of their villages, family members, the Taliban commanders on whom they were informing, and even GPS coordinates where they could be found. The Taliban quickly announced that it was combing the WikiLeaks Web site for information to use to punish these Afghans.

Then, just four days after the WikiLeaks documents were published death threats began arriving at the homes of Afghan tribal leaders. A few days later, one such leader was dragged from his home and executed. It is unknown whether his identity was exposed in the WikiLeaks documents, but according to Newsweek, his execution and the death threats "sparked a panic among many Afghans who have worked closely with coalition forces."

. . . Because They Know The Consequences.

AFP - The Taliban publicly flogged and then executed a pregnant Afghan widow by firing three shots into her head for alleged adultery, police said on Monday. Bibi Sanubar, 35, was kept in captivity for three days before she was shot dead in a public trial on Sunday by a local Taliban commander in the Qadis district of the rural western province Badghis.

The Taliban accused Sanubar of having an "illicit affair" that left her pregnant. She was first punished with 200 lashes in public before being shot.

Hope And Change.

Iran’s Islamic Azad University, which has more than 400 locations, has opened a branch in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The Kabul site is the university’s fourth international center after those in the U.K., the U.A.E. and Lebanon, according to its president, Abdollah Jassbi, the state-run Fars news agency reported today.

You Hope. They Change.

New Delhi is concerned about the ramifications of the possible U.S. troop drawdown, announced by President Barack Obama last year. That decision accelerated the Afghan government's efforts to reconcile with the Taliban and America's hurry to hand over responsibility for running the country to the Hamid Karzai administration. India worries that Washington is moving too fast and leaving the door open for Pakistan to increase its influence in the country. In response, India is hedging its bets by drawing closer to Russia and Iran.

Say Goodbye To Hilary, Say Hello To Mohammad.

Mohammad Ali Fatollahi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, said his country was planning to host an international conference on Afghanistan in Tehran as a next step to last month’s Kabul conference, attended by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Tehran has intensified talks with New Delhi, Islamabad and Dushanbe over the future of Afghanistan in recent weeks. The move comes as concerns rise among some countries neighbouring Afghanistan about a possible reconciliation with the Taliban and ultimately its return to political power in Kabul.

From George Orwell's Latest Diary Entry: Wells has already made a considerable row about the persecution of refugees. He considers that the centre of all sabotage is the War Office. He believes that the jailing of anti-Fascist refugees is a perfectly conscious piece of sabotage.


Blogger kellie said...

Iranian blogger Pedestrian has a post on Azad University here.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Thanks Kellie.

Since that post you link to, the regime's noose around Azad U's neck has tightened. Mousavi has been turfed from its governing board as well, of course.

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