Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sentenced to deportation.

I. Whispers come and go. In them, the word “liberation” has been stuck to a term with nefarious connotations: “deportation.” “They will go directly from the prisons to the planes,” a gentleman who keeps his ear glued to the radio told me, based on what he hears on the prohibited broadcasts from the North. Forced expatriation, expulsion, exile, has been standard practice to get rid of dissenters. “If you don’t like it, leave,” they tell you from the time you’re small; “Get up and go,” they spit at you if you insist on complaining; “Why’d you come back?” is the greeting if you dare to return and continue to point out what you don’t like. The ability to rid themselves of the inconvenient, the skill to push off the island platform anyone who opposes them, this is a talent in which our leaders are quite adept.

II. For the first time on 10th March 1858, Supdt. J.B. Walker arrived with a batch of 200 freedom fighters. The second batch of 733 freedom fighter prisoners arrived in April 1868 from Karachi. They had been sentenced for life imprisonment. After this however it is not known how many thousands of freedom fighters were sent to the Andamans from the harbours of Bombay, Kolkata and Madras. Their numbers, names and addresses are not known.

III. "We were encouraged by the apparent agreement between the Roman Catholic Church and the authorities for the release of 52 political prisoners," U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told reporters. "We think that's a positive sign. It's something that is overdue but nevertheless very welcome."

IV: During the 62 years of transportation from Ireland to Australia, some 30,000 men and 9,000 women were sent as convicts to Australia for a minimum period of seven years - many more followed their loved ones as free settlers to a new life in the colony. Transportation sentences were for periods of seven years (the most common), ten years, fourteen years or life.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the brave revolutionaries continue their struggle against the police state, Eatons and the corrupt capitalist hegemony:


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