Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's Reading Assignments From The Underground.


FROM: Field Commander Seamus O' Houligan, Robert Briscoe Memorial battalion, False-Flag Ziocon Hegemony Gatekeeper Brigade, Learned Elders of Kilkenny, Mossad Auxiliary Division. TO: All agents, collaborators, hard boys, wide boys and spivs. RE: Assigned Readings.

1. Ziocon Executive Order 426. Abort Operation Glowing Hearts: "My Zionist brothers and sisters, this is your Mossad station chief in Vancouver. I ask for your forgiveness for breaching our security protocols through this public broadcast. It was necessary to reach you all before the operation came into full effect. Operation Glowing Hearts is aborted. Our plot has been found out."

2. It's all this guy's fault.

3. Comrade Hero of The People Stan Persky makes a delightful discovery while serving as a judge for the Quebec Writers Federation's McAulsen First Prize and sitting only a stone's throw from St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, assessing entries which ranged from "shaky collections of often puzzling poems to a truly bizarre self-published Gothic Space Romance. Most of the books, for some odd reason, seemed to be booze-sodden collections of vignettes written by guys in their 30s about how they partied, lost their girlfriends, got shitfaced all over again, and pondered angst-ridden early-mid-life existence. I guess it must have something to do with writing in English in Quebec. But the first book accidentally to hand was The Cello Suites, so I innocently began reading it. If I wanted to hear the suites, Yo-Yo Ma’s recording of same was nearby. It took Siblin less than 10 pages to persuade me that he was onto something interesting . . ."

4. In Platypus 1917 Review, Max Katz contemplates David Renton's Dissident Marxism: Past Voices for Present Times and finds that it gives him a bit of a headache: "Marx did not intend to provide ideology for an activist minority. Communism, he argued, would be the first political movement of, by, and for the whole of humanity. It would be an anti-identity politics. The workers of the world come to recognize their own “class identity” as a kind of bondage. Being a “worker” means living in subjection. And so they organize, seize political power, overcome capitalism, abolish wage labor, and emancipate themselves and the rest of humanity. This, at least, was Marxism, or a highly abbreviated version of it. It has, to the date, failed. If they study Marxism’s history, young activists will find defeat, confusion, diminution, betrayal, and regression. This past will not 'empower' any young activist. But perhaps this is the reason to study it. . ."

5. There's Just No Escaping The Great Gaping Bolivarian Windbag: "Reporters Without Borders today reacted with dismay as compulsory airing of President Hugo Chávez’s extremely lengthy speeches (cadenas) was extended for the first time to cable channels, meaning no Venezuelan TV viewer will be able to escape them in future. The presidential programmes allowing the head of state to requisition unlimited airtime from all media for his live speeches, under Article 10 of the Law of Social Responsiblilty in Radio and Television (Resorte law adopted in 2004), was previously limited to terrestrial frequencies. But under a little-noticed public decree published in the official journal on 22 December 2009, cable channels will also be subjected to the same rule."

6. “I do not believe in religion, but if I had to choose one it would be Buddhism. It seems more livable, closer to men. . . I’ve been reading about reincarnation, and the Buddhists say we come back as animals and they refer to them as lesser beings. Well, animals aren’t lesser beings, they’re just like us. So I say fuck the Buddhists.” - Bjork, cited among 25 blasphemous statements compiled and published by Comrade Hero of The People Michael Nugent in defiance of Ireland's new Blasphemy law, which imposes fines for blaspheming of up to 25,000 Euros, if you don't bloody mind.

7. David Aaronovitch Discovers He Shares Exclusive Club Membership with Dead People: "On the Monday morning, I found out I’d been libelled by the Independent on Sunday. It was in one of those media gossip columns that proliferate these days because you can get cheap, young journalists to write pages of stuff without the expense of leaving the office. The column followed an article I’d written about Iran’s bomb, and the Sindy made a facile (and erroneous) connection between that and my views on Iraq, adding one twist: the information that I was 'a member of the Israel Hasbara Committee,' an organisation set up to propagandise for Israel in the public sphere. . .

8. Here is a real list of real names of real enemies of the people, scumbags every one. Study the list thoughtfully and carefully, my dear and loyal agents. Operation Glowing Hearts is aborted. Operation Night Of The One Hundred Blunt Instruments is in the planning stages already.

Plus we may need to extricate Comrade Aaronovitch if his ruse fails.

As you were.


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