Thursday, July 09, 2009

“Tell the world what is happening here. This is our revolution. We will not give up.”

The New York Times reports that the atmosphere in the streets of Tehran is "almost festive." One witness gave this account: “The crowds are too huge to contain. Riot police running up and down Fatemi Street, beating people, barely got out of the way. The crowds just get out of their way and come back.”

Meanwhile, Mohammed Asif Mohseni, Tehran's ayatollah in Afghanistan, has other pressing matters to contend with at the moment, like answering questions on his own website about the kind of sex a man can force upon his wife (in case any visitors to this web lodge find themselves of a mind to give Mosehni some advice, here's how to reach him in Kabul: 0093797415912).

Today, around the world, millions of people are remembering the brave rising of 1999: "This — this bouncing of thoughts and ideas, this constant production of words and stories and our constant struggle — may perhaps have taught us that power lies not only in the images of burnt flags and broken windows. It will be our words, thoughts and ideas that will prove, in the long run, the most powerful."

Today, the collapse of the rule of the ayatollahs is within reach. To all our Iranian friends: Don't lose heart. Freedom will come. The people do not forget:


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