Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Björk: Go to the top of your highest mountain, raise your flag, declare independence!

A moveable feast.

First: Iceland became independent from Denmark 60 years ago. We were a colony for 600 years, and we were treated really badly, as all colonies are. And Greenland and the Faroe Islands are still part of Denmark. The song was partly written to those countries.

Then: Representatives of Björk have insisted that the singer was forced out of Serbian festival "Exit" due to her views on Kosovo.

Today: Björk is under attack after shouting Tibet! Tibet! at the end of her song Declare Independence at a concert in Shanghai.

She explains: "I am not a politician, I am first and last a musician and as such I feel my duty to try to express the whole range of human emotions. The urge for declaring independence is just one of them but an important one we all feel at some times in our lives. . . I would like to wish all individuals and nations good luck in their battle for independence. Justice!"

Elsewhere, she has made this sensible observation: "I stopped being afraid because I read the truth, and that's the scientifical truth, which is much better. You shouldn't let poets lie to you."

Björk tells no lie:


Blogger The Plump said...

You shouldn't let poets lie to you.

But you should let some poets tell you the truth. Like our comrade George :-)


3:18 AM  

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