Monday, January 21, 2008

Cloverfield Was An Inside Job

Those lovable, wacky Americans.

The movie hasn't been out for a week yet, and in the judgment of critic Roger Friedman, with the right-wing Fox News: "Cloverfield was truly made by California movie people. No one in New York would ever be this insensitive." Suddenly Fox News cares about hurting people's feelings?

Meantime, over at the fashionably blue-state Salon, the otherwise insightful
Stephanie Zacharek says the film "harnesses the horror of 9/11 - specifically as it was felt in New York - and repackages it as an amusement-park ride. . . Cloverfield takes the trauma of 9/11 and turns it into just another random spectacle at which to point and shoot."

With those bases covered, all that's left to wait for now is a review in ZNet or Counterpunch explaining how the gigantic spider-monster thing that destroys Manhattan is just the latest Zioconazi propaganda effort to further cover up the 9-11 Bu$h-BLiar false flag operation and make everyone so scared they won't vote for Ron Paul.

Maybe my expectations of Hollywood are just too low, but I didn't think the movie was all that bad. It's got scary explosions, mayhem, shoot-em-ups, babes, monstrous enemies - everything American cinema does well.

Save yourselves! Run for your lives!


Blogger Blazing Cat Fur said...

Yea kinda reminds of the reviews for "300" - Facist,warmongering etc. Fox news gotta love em - full disclosure I am a happy subscriber.

2:19 PM  

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