Friday, February 23, 2007

Clonmult 1921: A Glavin Who Was "Not So Lucky"

"The men inside were outnumbered. There was only one exit from the house so, rather than make a run for it, they dropped their arms and surrendered themselves. As soon as they opened the door, the Black and Tans opened fire. Captain Aherne was shot in the heart and died instantly. Volunteer Glavin was not so lucky. He was riddled with bullets, shot a number of times in the face."

A great-uncle of ours. That's him, far left, second row. There were 12 killed and two were later executed. Lots of grisly stories about it when I was a kid.

The official version: "A sortie from the house was attempted in the hope that assistance could be organised from the local company. The acting O/C, Captain Jack O'Connell managed to break through but was unable to bring help on time. The Volunteers trapped inside made a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to escape through a narrow opening in the gable. With the farmhouse burning around them an attempt was made to surrender but many of the Volunteers were killed in a hail of bullets from the Black and Tan forces who had come to reinforce the British regulars." And James was killed "while trying to breach the gable."

The usual suspects came out in colours at last weekend's commemoration, I see.
The war is over, and it accomplished nothing. They should get with the program.


Blogger triggerfinger said...

Capt. Jack O'Connell is my grandfather. I would love to hear any stories you can share.

Brendan O'Connell

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