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Canada's Islamists And Their `Anti-War' Friends

This is what it’s come to: A disgraced, dictator-praising British MP who dances around in red tights on reality-television shows is visiting Canada to commemorate the founding of a fascist movement known for its own distinctive swastika and Nazi-style uniforms and an anthem that’s sung to the tune of Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles.

And it’s just another otherwise unremarkable day in the life of Canada’s “anti-war” movement.

Just how things degenerated so badly, and so fast, is a long and sad story. The upshot is that Canada’s anti-war movement has become not only the primary vehicle for an obscure, formerly left-wing group that attacks anyone who opposes sharia courts in Canada, it’s also now the main source of public respectability for a Toronto think-tank that advocates for the establishment of theocracies that hang gay people.

It’s a story that has left Canada’s progressive Muslims in despair, in disarray, and sometimes in fear for their lives.

That’s from my Tyee column today.

Sohail Raza, communications director for the Muslim Canadian Congress, told me that far too many Canadian progressives aren’t paying attention, and they’re unaware of just how successfully the Islamists and their supporters have insinuated themselves into Canada’s “anti-war” left.

“We can’t try to hide this anymore, and people should know what is going on,” Raza said. “All this is making it very very hard for us to do our work. . . These people are idiots, and as Muslims, we need to say it. And many of these people are very dangerous.”

Some of their collaborators are also pretty dangerous, I think. But spectacularly idiotic, too:


Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

What I don't get is the patience of the British electorate with this travesty of a representative.

P.S. Getting a post on ITER in the oven for tomorrow. Somehow having in mind your concerns with the global warming during the writing.


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Blogger Dirk Buchholz said...

Wow,Galloway has reached a new low.But I still understand peoples support of the anti-war movement.Most are responding to the anti-war message,not with concern about who might be exploiting the peace movement.That said the "leadership" must respond to these criticism and take a long hard look at the groups it is allowing in. Regarding Galloway,again most "supporters" see Galloway as the man who stood before the senate committee and told it how it is.This does not mean they support all of Galloway's positions.
This does not excuse,and they have to be more conscious of whats going on.least the whole movement be tainted by fringe groups and in the end become just another fringe group themselves.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

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Blogger left, but not antizionist said...

Sadly, I wasn't surprised at all that many of the responses to your article -- which by the way said nothing at all and had nothing at all to do with Israel or Jewish nationalism -- stooped to the Stalinist and Zionologist* tactic of claiming to have outed you as an imperialist, war-mongering, racist. Oh, yes and as a neo-con. And on that count, never mind that many of the ones who profess themselves to be authentic leftists, authorized to conduct a purge of an alleged fifth column within the left, seem to have no trouble whatsoever forming political alliances against the dreaded neocons with Republican paleocons, La Rouchites, Bucananite isolationists, with ultraconservative takfiri Islamists, ultranationalist Baathists, as well as the occasional antizionist, neo-Nazi. (If someone thinks I'm exaggerating here I can provide evidence for each of these charges).

(*For those who may not have heard the term Zionology before, the term was coined by Soviet apparatchiks and the Kremlin and KGB established a Department of Zionology in the 1950's -- while Gaza was under Egyptian rule and the West Bank was occupied by Jordan, the latter as a result of its 1948 conquest and ethnic cleansing, a belligerent act of war considered illegal and illegitimate by the UN and most of the international community at the time -- which was responsible for creating and disseminating libelous, offensive and dubious propaganda against Israel).

A claim I read over and again in the comments on your Tyee article from RESPECT bootlickers like Ingmar Lee (an egomaniacal activist I unfortunately know), and other committed antizionists and also a refrain advanced by much, if not most antizionists, is that antizionism is for the most part impervious to and ought not to be linked to antisemitism, or antisemitic libels.

While it is certainly true that not all antizionists espouse or tolerate antisemitic libels, true that some claims attributing antisemitic intent to certain examples of antizionist discourse are exaggerated, and obviously true that certain individuals professing to be Zionist can be bigots, it is both frightening and disgusting to see how far antisemitic discourse when cloaked in antizionist rhetoric has moved from the margins of the political spectrum to the mainstream, how far some will stoop to apologize for or whitewash such hate and how many will pretend this phenomenon is either not occuring at all, or if it proves impossible not to concede that this phenomenon is happening, blaming Israelis and Jews who aren't antizionsts for it.

So I'll take this opportunity to reproduce some text that was published this past September and I challenge any and all who consider themselves to be of the left, and especially Dippers since I am still a member of that party, (even though I will not be voting for my federal NDP MP next election), to say whether they would be prepared to publicly condemn it as a racist diatribe.


The Zionist Jews
By Tarek Muci Nasir

Zionists, the destructive sect of radical Jews, are again impregnating the Jewish community with its animosity towards humanity. The genocide they executed in Palestine and Lebanon is similar to the Holocaust which the Nazis executed against them, and they will undergo another Holocaust because of the global hatred they are accumulating. If the Jews have charged the Nazis for their victims, they will have to pay Lebanon for their killings. The Jewish race is condemned to disappear, because if they continue marrying among themselves they will continue to degenerate; if they open their marriages they will racially dilute themselves, so they only recourse is to stay united, to provoke wars, and auto-genocides.

Israelis are lying when they say they are the favored people of God; on the contrary, because they are always at war and without their own land, it seems that they are marked for having destroyed Jesus Christ. We should reform the Bible which falsely refers to them as the chosen race by God, and we will act to stop them from manipulating the Jewish
community. The United States is trapped by Zionists who control their economy and many critical positions in their government; and we must
avoid that this critical situation takes place [...] before they also ruin us, because they can possess any nationality, but first they act as Jews in whatever land they plant themselves. Israel couldn't resist that despite possessing Jerusalem as the capital of the Christian world, Lebanon continued to have more international tourism, and now, due to international repulsion, Israel will have even less [tourism].

Let's pay attention of the Israeli-Zionist associations, unions and federations which are conspiring to [...] to take over our finances, our industries, commerce, construction; which are
infiltrating government positions and politics. Possibly, we'll have to expel them from the country, as other nations have done, which is the reason that Jews remain in a continuous state of stateless exodus, and it is why in 1948 they invaded Palestine, guided by Albion. Will global justice allow the United States, England, and Israel to destroy
the Middle East to take over its oil? Only the union of its people will save them.

The only way that humanity will reconcile with the Jews is if these renounce their Zionist leadership, which aspires to dominate the world, and if they stop presenting themselves as the Chosen people of
God, and when they do so, we will hug them fraternally as equal human beings.


Of course you may be skeptical about the piece's propriety and ask where I found such text. You may wonder if I've been slumming on Stormfront, or at an Aryan Nations web site (although I'm sure those types would be more than happy to reproduce the piece on their web sites).

But no, this racist diatribe by Tarek Muci Nasir was published on September 2, 2006 in the Caracas, Venezuela, pro-Chavez mainstream paper El Diario Caracas as an Op-ed on page 12.

You can see it for yourself in the original Spanish here:

The Op-Ed was translated from the Spanish by Alexandra Beech and in my reproduction of it in this comment box, I took the liberty of removing any mention of Venezuela in the article, and replacing them with a [...].

Does the fact that this racist screed was published in a pro-Chavez daily in Caracas impinge on whether or not, a leftist in Caracas ought to be prepared to publicly condemn it ? Would it be a betrayal to the Boliverian revolucion, to progressive politics, anti-imperialism and to the left as a whole for a committed antizionist leftist encountering such a piece in a daily mainstream left wing paper to publicly condemn it?

From many of the responses to your article Terry, it would seem that the Gallowegian and Ridleyesque bootlickers and many other other puritanical left wing antizionist ideologues would either not be able to do so, or whitewash it as insignificant even if they had to concede it was in fact racist shite.

Moreover, not only would they be likely not to condemn this vile punditry in a letter to the editor to the paper that published it, some likely would slander anyone who did condemn the piece exactly as they did with you Terry.

I agree with Dr. Soheib Bencheikh, who was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1961, studied Islamic theology at Al-Azhar University and received his doctorate from the prestigious Parisian Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE). Formerly the Mufti of Marseilles, France, currently a member of the French Council for the Muslim Religion and head of the French Institute for Islamic Science, who recently, he announced his candidacy for the April 2007 French presidential election, and launched his election website ( when he wrote:

"I am a Leftist, and I am appalled at the collapse of the ideals of the Left [in France]... I am not against the Left. On the contrary, I deplore its absence... The Left was always less timid [than the right]..., more receptive to equality and universal causes. Where has this Left gone? [The Left today] wastes its energies looking for the most charismatic figure, for whom people will vote. Where are the ideas? Where are the plans [for the future]? Is there [still] a Left that believes in its own message?"

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