Sunday, March 05, 2006

More Embarassing News for Canada's Pseuds

My previous post linked to a public opinion poll conducted in Afghanistan last fall that shows that while Canada’s “anti-war” left says it knows what’s best for the people there, the vast majority of ordinary Afghans have completely different ideas about what should happen in their country. Here’s a more recent poll, with twice the sample size, that demonstrates conclusively that it’s Canada’s Armed Forces that are on the side of the Afghan people, and Canada’s pseudo-left is not.

Poor Eugene. He’s still trying to convince himself that Canada’s involvement with the NATO/ISAF mission in Afghanistan is merely about “stepping into a civil war to act as surrogates for the U.S.” Some civil war: On one side, an alliance of vicious brigands, gangsters, and theocratic fascists who command the dedicated support of only two per cent of the Afghan population, and on the other side, 93 per cent of the Afghan people who support the country’s newly constituted, democratically-elected government.

The trouble with the pseuds is that even with those odds, they don’t have the guts to back the winning side, the people’s side, which also happens to be the side Canada’s soldiers are on. The Afghans support Canada’s troops. The poll found overwhelming support for Canada’s reconstruction efforts: Eighty-two per cent of the Afghan people say the NATO/ISAF force is working effectively at reconstruction and peacekeeping. And they worry about our soldiers. Only 66 per cent of Afghans are happy that the ISAF/NATO soldiers have had to move beyond the Kabul area. Seventy-nine per cent of Afghans favour U.S. military operations aimed at capturing or killing the al Qaeda remnants in the countryside.


Trevor Greene (pictured above) has been flown to a U.S. military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, wher he is reported in serious but stable condition. Just before he was put on the plane, he was promoted from lieutenant to captain.


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Blogger eugene plawiuk said...

Luckily I am not a pseudopod Terry or I would be offended. Speaking of psuedo-leftists thats the kettle calling the pot black, since your defense of our Military intervention is typical of social democrats of the Second International those nice folks who failed to oppose the First Imperialist War.

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