Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Counterpunch, Official Organ of the Reactionary Left, on Afghanistan

This latest contribution from Counterpunch, written by the raging anti-semite Eric Walberg - former publicist for Uzbek tyrant Islam Karimov, contributor to the holocaust-denial Adelaide Institute, "anti-war" activist, etc. - contains a variety of lies and ugly slanders, all wrapped up in a nice little package of openly pro-Taliban propaganda, brought to you by uber-pseud Counterpunch editor Alexander Cockburn.

To Walberg (about whom more here), Canadian soldiers are "kuffar. . . non-Muslim foreign occupiers. . . who invaded the country illegally and have killed hundreds of thousands of resistance fighters and innocent civilians illegally," and now they have murdered scores of Afghan "locals" in Pashmul. The Taliban, meanwhile, constitute the "legitimate government" of Afghanistan, and are, of course, "patriots."

And as for "the bizarrely named Princess Patricia's Light Infantry Company," it's actually the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Second Battalion.

Meanwhile, I'm sure the fascist scum at Counterpunch will be similarly displeased with this news, too:

Yesterday, under sunny skies, the Afghan team beat out Nepal. Within seconds of the win being declared, the field was stormed by Afghan flags and celebration. Most of the team dropped to their knees and thanked Allah. Their win means that they are now guaranteed a spot in Div. 4, which is one step closer to the World Cup qualification. In October, they will travel to Tanzania to compete in that championship.

Today is the final against Jersey, a team made up of investment bankers, and moneyed professionals. It is expected the crowds will be in the thousands, as people turn out to see the Afghan "kamikazi" style talent taking on the Jersey home team.



Blogger The Plump said...

You forgot to mention that the sport was cricket. The one-day international variety.

The game against Jersey was on May 31st and Afghanistan won by two wickets in an unusually low scoring match.

Match report here

Scorecard here

4:14 AM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Thanks, Gadge.

8:48 AM  
Blogger bob said...

Great post Terry! I am a bit behind in my blog-browsing, so only just read this after having written a long post against CounterPunch yesterday: BobFromBrockley: Alexander Cockburn and CounterPunch


9:17 AM  
Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Excellent post, Bob. We need more thinking like this.

The focus on Spain, the long shadow of Stalinist propaganda and the way that shadow falls on contemporary deals with the devil the "left" has entered into, is necessary to an understanding of the contemporary left's retrograde tendencies.

As in:


11:05 AM  

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